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  • Turbocharger, 1Z AHU Garrett GT15

    From $598.00
  • Turbocharger, 1Z AHU K03

    From $619.00
  • Turbocharger, 1Z AHU GT15 Hybrid

    From $875.00
  • Turbocharger, AAZ K03

    From $678.00
  • Turbocharger, AAZ K03 Hybrid [$200 CORE]

    From $1,098.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT15 BorgWarner

    From $748.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT15 Mahle

    From $799.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT17 BorgWarner

    From $958.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT17 Garrett

    From $899.00
  • Turbocharger, BEW KP39

    From $975.00
  • Turbocharger, BEW VNT17 Garrett

    From $897.00
  • Turbocharger, BHW VNT17 Garrett

    From $799.00

Best service ever, on the ball and great freight rate to New Zealand. Great to deal with and well trusted.

Russel KeachGoogle

I've used Cascade German parts for my VW TDIs. I've experienced nothing but top notch service, quality and timely shipping on everything I've ordered. These guys are fantastic, you can't go wrong.

Christian ValenciaFacebook

had a great experience finding a specialty tool for a VW MKIV. They helped me locate what I needed and made themselves available with my busy schedule. I will definitely be doing business with them again.

Nicolas Toscana BrouhardGoogle

We've been getting parts for our two Mk4 Golfs from Aaron and crew for a couple years now. Great group to work with. They have always been VERY helpful.

Carl DegnerFacebook