Timing Belt Kit, ALH Uber

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| UPGRADE |Spring Camshaft Seal – optional

G12++ Coolant (1.5L) – optional

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Über timing belt kit for ALH TDI engines. This kit contains all of the required and recommended parts for replacing your timing belt. Perfect for high mileage cars.

Kit Includes:
INA Timing Belt & Roller Kit — 530 0082 100
        Timing Belt — 038109119M
        Timing Belt Tensioner — 038109243N
        Large Roller — 038109244M
        Small Top Roller — 058109244
        Small Bottom Roller — 038109244E
OEM INA (Made by Continental) Serpentine Belt — 6PK1660
Metal Impeller Water Pump — 038121011A
OEM Elring/Reinz Camseal — 038103085C
Vacuum Pump Seal — 038145345
Crankshaft Seal (Spring) — 034115147A
Crankshaft Bolt — 06A105229
Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley — 038145276
Thermostat Housing — 038121121
Thermostat — 044121113
1.5L G13 Coolant (Optional)

Timing Belt Bolt Kit:
Timing Belt Lower Roller Stud — N10169303
Timing Belt Tensioner Nut — N90074404
Timing Belt Tensioner Washer — N01155811
Timing Belt Tensioner Stud — N0146341
Roller Nut — N01508315
Top Roller Bolt — N0195315
Small Bottom Roller Washer — N01155811
Large Roller Bolt — N90596902 (TTY)
Engine Bracket Bolt Long — N10328002
2x Engine Mount to Body (non-stretch replacement) — N10665301
2x Engine Bracket Bolt — N10209605
2x Engine Bracket Bolt Short — N90712403
2x Sound Dampener Screws — N90775001
3x Injection Pump Bolts — N90328504
3x Valve Cover Bolts — N90271604
4x Vibration Dampener Bolts — N90339605 *Note: Some late Mk4 cars have shorter bolts. Do not use if too long.

Fits the Following:
1999.5-2003 VW Golf TDI
1999.5-2003 VW Jetta TDI
1998-2003 VW New Beetle TDI

Recommended Change Interval: 100,000 miles

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

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