Balance Shaft Delete Kit, B5.5 BHW Deluxe

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Balance Shaft Delete Kit, includes everything required to delete the wear prone Balance Shaft and switch to an older style oil pump. Also includes all of the replacement parts needed for a timing belt change.

In addition to being far more cost-effective, it reduces rotational mass and increases the reliability of the vehicle. Some customers notice additional vibration at idle and during acceleration.

Kit Includes:
Crankshaft Oil Pump Sprocket — 06A105209B
ALH Oil Pump — 06A115105B
ALH Oil Pump Sprocket — 06A115121
ALH Chain Tensioner — 06A115130B
ALH Chain — 038115230
Pickup Tube O-ring — N0282222
1.8T Oil Pump Pickup Tube — 06B115251
ALH Windage Baffle Tray — 06B103623P
OEM Crank Seal — 034115147A
3x ALH Oil Pump Bolt — N90704007
2x Pickup Tube Bolts — N90945002
3x Spring Washers — N0122345
2x OEM Main Bearing Cap Bolts — N90889701
OEM Crankshaft Pulley Bolt — WHT004573
Allen Head 1/8″ Pipe Plug

Optional Alternate Parts:
BRM Oil Pump Sprocket – 038115121C
BRM Chain Tensioner – 038115130
BRM Chain – 038115230A

BHW Timing Belt Kit:
OEM Timing Belt — 038109119P
OEM Tensioner — 038109243M
Contitech Serp Belt — 4PK0856/4PK0855
Contitech Serp Alternator Belt — 5PK1432
OEM Idler Roller — 038109244J
Camshaft Seal — 068103085E
Graf/Geba/Hepu Water Pump — 038121011G
1x 8mm Nut for Tensioner — 038109454A
1x 8mm Nut for 244J Roller — N01508311
4x Allen Crank Bolts — N10303603

Optional Installation Kit:
Package JB Weld
Oil Pan Sealant
11/32 Drill Bit
Adjustable Tap Socket 3/8
1/8″ Pipe Tap

A how-to thread for installation is found here. See especially post #21.

It is recommended that motor mounts also be replaced when this is installed.

We also recommend 5L of 5W40 505.01 oil and an oil filter.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in
Alternate BRM Parts

Alternate BRM Chain, Tensioner, & Sprocket (+$75.00), Standard ALH Chain, Tensioner & Sprocket

Install Kit

No, Yes ($55.00)

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