BoostValve, Mk3 TDI (96-99)


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Manual boost control valve that prevents boost pressure from opening the turbo’s waste gate until the desired preset boost level is reached.

The Boostvalve turbo boost controller is an adjustable pressure relief valve, also known as a “check valve” or “gated valve.” This is not to be confused with a “bleeder valve.”

This custom kit includes proper boost range high pressure springs (16+ PSI and 25+ PSI). No vent hole drilled in valve body (other kits, including universal will have a vent that must be blocked). Eliminates low RPM over boost problems and surge.

Fits the Following:
1996-1999 VW Golf TDI
1996-1999 VW Jetta TDI

Note on Functionality: Inside the valve is a precision stainless steel ball that is held in place by spring tension. During the turbo’s spool-up (as pressure is building) spring tension in the valve is greater than the boost pressure pushing against the ball, so the ball prevents the air from flowing to the wastegate actuator.This maximizes the efficiency of the turbo during the spool-up by using the greatest amount of air possible to spin the turbo charger. Most boost control systems waste air by venting much of the air out, even many factory boost control systems waste available exhaust energy during this crucial spool-up period. Once the turbo spools up to the desired boost, the Boostvalve opens, quickly opening the waste gate. Boost pressure is held at this level with accuracy unmatched by even more expensive methods of boost control.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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