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Joe Gibbs Break-in oil is a petroleum-based oil that provides superior break-in properties especially for flat-tappet camshaft engines. The additive package promotes ring seal and provides maximum protection for camshafts and lifters during initial break-in. It’s good for roller camshaft engines as well as general purpose dyno oil. Joe Gibbs Racing uses this oil to break in and dyno their NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch Series engines.

Kit Includes:
10 Quarts Joe Gibbs BR Break-In Oil
1 Packet Joe Gibbs Assembly Lube

Installation Note: Proper break in of a camshaft is essential for proper functioning and longevity. Joe Gibbs Break-in oil facilitates that well. Below is the recommended process.
1. Put assembly lube on all lobes, lifter faces, distributor gears, bearing journals, lifter barrels, and oil pump gears.
2. Turn the engine over by hand to make sure that nothing is binding up (e.g. cam bearings are properly seated) and that timing is correct.
3. Rev engine to 2000-3000 RPM for 20-30 minutes. Drain break-in oil.
4. Refill with break-in oil and drive normally for about 500 miles.
5. Drain oil again and replace the filter and oil using proper spec oil. A bottle of ZDDP additive can provide further protection.

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