Engine Oil, Liqui Moly 504.00/507.00 5W30 (5L)


507, 50700, 507.00, 504, 50400, 504.00, Common Rail Oil, Motor Oil

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Lubromoly Top Tec 4200 Longlife III is a state of the art all season HC Synthetic motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines equipped with a diesel particulate filter (in accordance with EURO 4 emissions and extended maintenance intervals).

Sold in a 5L bottle

Meets the Following Specifications:
ACEA A3-04/B4-04/C3-04
VW/Audi 504.00/507.00
BMW Longlife 04
Mercedes Benz 229.51

Additional information

Weight 10.05 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in


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