Performance Camshaft, AHU ALH “Big Boy”


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Professional installation required! (see notes below for additional information)

Fully custom-made performance camshaft for Mk3 and Mk4 VW TDIs with a 1Z, AHU, or ALH engine code. Cast, not reground. 260/260 11mil lift with a true 38mm base circle diameter. This is the proper camshaft to support builds from 225-300+ hp. This camshaft is not drop in, see installation notes below. This was originally supplied by TDIMeister to Performance Diesel Engineering before we bought out their stock.

Fits the Following:
1998-2003 VW New Beetle TDI
1993-2003 VW Golf TDI & TD
1993-2003 VW Jetta TDI & TD
1993-1997 VW Passat TDI & TD

Notes on Installation: Requires clearanced head, upgraded dual valve springs, and INA PD lifters. When you machine the head you may need to cut the valve pockets down 2-3 thousandths.

Different rod and piston combinations will increase or decrease your clearance, which is why it must be measured and corrected upon installation. 

We recommend using a camshaft locking plate during installation. We have been told that on 1Z & AHU engines that it is essential.

Measure coil bind of the stack assembly visually before operating the engine!
Failure to measure coil bind, camshaft clearances, valve to piston clearances and head spacing will void the warranty and can result in camshaft damage, spring damage, valve damage, piston damage and potentially ruin an engine!


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 in