Timing Belt Tuneup Kit, ALH 200K

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Timing belt and tuneup kit for Mk4 VW TDIs with an ALH engine code. This includes everything that should be replaced at when these cars reach the 200k mark. Note that some other commonly replaced items which are also listed on our site include coolant reservoirs, engine mounts (with hardware), alternator/alternator pulley, intake cleaning kit, oil cooler gaskets, engine mount brackets and camshaft sprockets.

Kit Includes:
OEM 100,000 Mile Timing Belt & Roller Kit — 038198119EL
    Continental (INA) Timing Belt — 038109119M
    Timing Belt Tensioner — 038109243G
    Large Roller — 038109244R
    Small Top Roller — 03L109244D
    Small Roller Bottom — 038109244Q
    Large Roller Bolt — N9059690
    Tensioner Stud — N0146341
    Roller Stud — N10169303
Geba/Hepu Water Pump — 038121011A
Serpentine Belt — 6PK1660
Elring or Reinz Camshaft Seal — 038103085C
Vacuum Pump Seal — 038145345
Crankshaft Seal — 034115147A
Crankshaft Bolt — 06A105229
Thermostat Housing — 038121121
Thermostat — 044121113
Serpentine Belt Relay Roller (Idler Pulley) — 038145276
Serpentine Belt Tensioner — 038903315C (5330081300)
Hard coolant Pipe O-ring* — 06B121687
If you’re an early 98/99.5 Mk4 you need a different part (WHT006407), please check part number before ordering
Vacuum Line & Fuel Hose Replacement Kit
10′ OEM Black Cloth Vacuum Line (3.5×2.0mm)
3′ Gray Cloth OEM Vacuum Line (5.0×2.5mm)
2′ OEM Black Cloth (Yellow stripe) Fuel Injector Return Line (3.5×2.0mm)
5L 5w40 505.00 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
OEM Oil Filter — 074115562
OEM Fuel Filter — 1J0127410A
OEM Air Filter — 1J0129620A
OEM Cabin Filter — 1J0819644
LubroMoly Diesel Purge — LM2005
1.5L G12++ Coolant (optional)

Timing Belt Bolt Kit:
Large Roller Bolt — N90596902 (packaged with rollers)
Engine Bracket Bolt (Long) — N10328002
2x Engine Mount to Body (Non-Stretch Replacement) — N10665301
2x Long Engine Bracket Bolt — N10209605
2x Short Engine Bracket Bolt — N90712403
3x Injection Pump Bolts — N90328504
3x Valve Cover Bolts — N90271604
2x Sound Dampener Screws — N90775001
4x Vibration Dampener Bolts — N90339605

Fits the Following:
1998-2003 VW New Beetle TDI
1999.5-2003 VW Golf TDI
1999.5-2003 VW Jetta TDI

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

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