VE TDI Injector Nozzle Set, Wuzetem .205


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Wuzetem nozzles apply industry-leading technology to decades of injector nozzle manufacturing applicable knowledge. Located in Warsaw, Poland, they have been making nozzles for over 60 years for both OEM and aftermarket applications. All nozzles come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

These .205 nozzles are recommended for use on any VW Mk3 Jetta or B4 Passat TDI with a manual transmission, or any VW TDI with an ALH engine and an Automatic transmission.

Product Features:

100% Brand New: All Wuzetem nozzles are brand new – which ensures peak performance and a long service life. Reconditioning nozzles may save on initial costs, but the process runs a high risk of diminishing both the performance and service life.

Guaranteed Quality: We guarantee that our products are free of material and manufacturing faults while being used in normal working conditions. Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects as long as you are the original purchaser.

Material + Heat Treatment: Only the most durable and premium quality steel alloys are used. All nozzles are also heat-treated and hardened to further guarantee peak performance and a long service life.

Spray Hole Precision: Spray holes are drilled using electronic discharges between two electrodes – this is known as electrical discharge machining (EDM). The EDM process is undergone with full real time feed back to the flow control unit.

Hydro Erosive (HE) Rounding: After the “EDMing” of the spray holes, HE Rounding is undergone. This process “rounds” the orifices with the use of an abrasive fluid, creating a smoother and more consistent fuel delivery. As a result, the flow tolerance is tightening to +/- 1.5%, also benefitting both performance and service life.

They have unique lab equipment for testing of metallurgical characteristics, hydraulic flow and dimensional characteristics with <1 micron accuracy. They also have an automated process of matching the needle to the body.

This all leads to an optimized spray pattern with hardened wear surfaces and closer tolerances. This gives you more power and torque with less smoke and better fuel economy.

Expected gains on a stock manual transmission engine:
+15 hp +25 tq

The best results will be obtained when used in conjunction with an aftermarket engine tune that is designed to work with the extra fuel flow. We have tuning options available on our site as well.

Sold as a set of 4

Comes complete with a new set of OEM copper crush washers.

Fits the following:
1998-2003 New Beetle TDI
1996-2003 Golf/Jetta TDI (not IDI)
1996-1997 Passat TDI

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