Camshaft Kit, ALH TDI (SDI)


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Camshaft kit for VW TDIs with ALH engine codes. This is the SDI version which has a little more lift for increased horsepower. This kit includes everything that should be replaced when the camshaft is replaced.

Per our request to AMC, this cam was custom machined to have the ALH Key with the SDI profile. As such it shouldn’t require extra machining in order to fit the stock vacuum pump.

However, as this is a new item for us note that you may still require some modifications. Please report back to us so we can have better information on this listing.

Kit Includes:
AMC SDI Camshaft — 655882-CUSTOM
8x Camshaft Followers — 050109309H
Camshaft Seal — 038103085C
Camshaft Sprocket Bolt — N90502103

Fits the Following:
1998-2003 VW New Beetle TDI
1999.5-2003 VW Jetta TDI
1999.5-2003 VW Golf TDI

Installation Note: Proper break in of a camshaft is essential for proper functioning and longevity. Below is the recommended process.
1. Put assembly lube on all lobes, lifter faces, distributor gears, bearing journals, lifter barrels, and oil pump gears.
2. Turn the engine over by hand to make sure that nothing is binding up (e.g. cam bearings are properly seated) and that timing is correct.
3. Rev engine to 2000-3000 RPM for 20-30 minutes. Drain break-in oil.
4. Refill with break-in oil and drive normally for about 500 miles.
5. Drain oil again and replace the filter and oil.

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