Glow Plug Set, Bosch Jeep Liberty 2.8 CRD


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New set of 4 5v STEEL Glow plugs. We buy direct from Bosch to ensure the quality of our supply chain. Bosch Duraterm Glow Plug Technology has a long history of diesel fuel injection expertise and innovation, Bosch leads the way in glow plug technology with its patented Duraterm dual-control coil design.

This technology utilizes a self-regulating system that reduces glow wait time by more than 50%. The patented dual control regulating and heating coil system effectively directs current draw, enabling the glow plug to reach higher temperatures more quickly for faster engine start-up. For vehicles with a post-glow control system, this advanced technology results in a post-glow heating phase which allows for more efficient overall engine performance.

Features and Benefits:

Glow plug reaches higher temperatures more quickly for fast engine start-up
Regulating coil controls current draw for rapid heat-up of heating coil
Heating coil provides rapid heat-up of the glow tube and quick start-up
Glow tube material resists corrosion and vibration for long service life
Fine-grained ceramic insulating powder provides superior electrical insulation and high thermal conductivity
Twin Viton seals protect coils from exhaust gas damage for long life
Connectors designed to OE specifications precise fit and easy installation

OEM Part Number:
68090430AA / 0250402003

Bosch Part Number:
0250402003 / 195

Fits the Following with 2.8L Diesel engines:
2005-2006 Jeep Liberty CRD

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in