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Limited supply! Group 31 AGM Fahrenheit battery. Tested to 100% capacity customer will turn in their core, otherwise cost is $230. Sold as unbranded 2nd. These batteries cost $450-$600, each, from other sources.

Read more about these batteries here:
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-Brand – Sold as 2nds, made by East Penn. There are only 3 manufacturers of batteries in the world – East Penn, Johnson Controls and Stryten. They put the sticker of whomever you buy it from on there, be it Bosch, Deka, Costco, VW, BMW, Varta, or whatever.
-Why are these better? – Budget batteries from Walmart, Napa and others are 3 and 4 series (value), 5 Series are the premium line, 6 series are the same as the Deka Gold line, 7 series are the premium line and 9 series are AGM. We sometimes have 5 series due to inventory but focus on 6-9 series batteries. The first number in the part number on the site tells you what series we have.
-Why are they 2nds? – because of either due to excess stock, a blemish on the casing, or often because the manufacturer, East Penn, is not allowed to charge the batteries after they are made. Because of this they have a short shelf life at the point of manufacture. Our distributor picks them up when they reach the end of the short storage life and immediately tops them off. This allows you to have a fresh battery for a big discount off normal retail cost!
-If they are 2nds are they used? – No, there is nothing wrong with them. They test above rated capacity and have never been installed on a vehicle.
-Will you ship them? – No, we will not ship these, local pickup only.
-Are there discounts for bulk purchases? – Generally no. If you want more than 10 batteries we can talk. These have a very small markup, our profit is turning in your core. Which leads us to:
-Do I have to turn in a core? –
Yes, that’s where our profit is on these. If you do not have a core the cost is $30 more.
 – We’re often asked about warranties – these batteries are sometimes half the cost of Costco and just as good. If we charged you twice as much we could offer a warranty, but because we show you it’s at 100% capacity we cannot offer warranties at this price point. If there is an issue right off the bat we’ll take care of you, but if months down the road your alternator fails, or you leave the lights on and it wipes out your battery we can’t warranty it out.
-Payment – Cash, Card, Venmo, Cash app or Apple Pay. Cash and card are easiest. If you order this and choose local pickup it will reserve you your battery and you can come in and pick it up.
-Do you have it in stock? – This listing has our current stock, if it shows in stock it should be in stock.
Where are you at?

Cascade German Parts on the corner of 8th and Cleveland with 3 big shipping containers in the lot, **Bring your core or tools to change out your battery in our parking lot**

710 NE Cleveland Ave Ste 150
Gresham 97030
M-F 8-5

**If you call us you can leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back, but we designed this listing to answer all questions so that you can just drop by and pick it up.**

Not available to ship, local pick-up in Gresham Oregon only.

Part number 9F31
BCI Group 31
Terminal Type Stud
Handle Yes
CCA 925
R.C. 190
Amp Hour Reference 100

Lenght: 12.99in (330.00 mm)
Width: 6.73in (171.00 mm)
Height: 9.49in (241.00 mm)
Weight: 57.00lb (25.85 kg)

@25 amps: 175 min