Battery, Group 34 9A34M AGM Deep Cycle RV Boat Marine



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Brand new group 34 9A34M Deep Cycle AGM battery. Tested to 100% capacity, sold as a 2nd without branding. Local pickup only, customer will turn in their core.

Same supplier as Deka and Bosch, (New Bosch batteries are $240) these were sold as seconds because East Penn is not allowed to charge the batteries after they are made. Because of this they have a short shelf life. My distributor picks them up when they reach the end of the short shelf life and immediately tops them off. This allows you to have a fresh battery for 1/2-1/3 of normal retail cost!

The Intimidator DEKA 9A34M AGM 12V Battery delivers highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions for the evolution of your battery needs. Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power. • 20x more vibration protection* safeguards battery performance over time. • Faster recharging powers more electronics longer. • 2x the cycle life* extends performance and life. • Spillproof design provides added protection for sophisticated electronic equipment.
Sold without warranty. No further discounts on this item.

Not available to ship, local pick-up in Gresham Oregon only.

Voltage: 12V
CCA: 775
CA: 955
BCI: 34

@5 hrs: AH
@20 hrs: 55 AH
@100 hrs: AH

Lenght: 10.75in (273.00 mm)
Width: 6.89in (175.00 mm)
Height: 8.35in (212.00 mm)
Weight: 43.00lb (19.50 kg)

@25 amps: 120 min