Water-Methanol Injection Kit, Universal Stage 1


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This is a high quality complete Water Meth injection kit by DevilsOwn. It is designed for already boosted vehicles. Similar to the more popular DVC-30 and 2.5 Bar kits, this kit does not have a controller to alter the amount and timing of injection. An automatic boost pressure switch is what controls the injection on this kit. Water-methanol used to be only for those extremely high-tuned engines, but with the advancements in technology it is now a good idea to install it on nearly any vehicle. This kit includes everything required to bolt onto the vehicle including:

Automatic Boost Pressure Switch
300 psi pump with EPDM seals
Heavy duty nickel plated check valve
15ft of black high pressure nylon tubing
2 Micro droplet Nozzles D03, D07
Filtered self-sealing tank tap
Detailed instructions

Each kit comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Water-meth injection is designed to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that develops in the combustion chamber. The kit essentially aids in reducing the power lost during detonation. Some of the benefits include:

An increase of horsepower (typical results are 10-15% in boosted and properly tuned engines)
Lower EGTS (typically between 50-200 degrees)
Increased octane rating while under boost
Reduces cylinder temperatures
Reduced fuel deposits

Unlike many other power modifications that place more strain on the engine, water-meth kits actually reduce the strain on the engine, while allowing for an increase in power. We recommend these to anyone looking at increasing fuel mileage, increasing power, or wanting to maintain their engine for an extended period.

These are designed to run with a 50/50 distilled water/methanol composite. They will also run just fine on straight distilled water. Though the power results will not be the same the decreased EGTs and cleaning properties will still be maintained.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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