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There are few challenges as important today as creating solutions that support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world. This requires a commitment to constantly improve the transportation of people and things. We, at BorgWarner, made that commitment decades ago and have since been creating technologies to improve efficiency, emissions, and performance in all types of vehicles.

  • Cascade German Stage III Performance Package Kit, CBEA CJAA TDI CR170

  • Turbocharger Audi TT 225 K04

  • Sale!

    Turbocharger, Audi 2.0T 2009-2015

  • Turbocharger, 1.8T K04 Transverse

  • Turbocharger, 1Z AHU K03

    From $619.00
  • Turbocharger, AAZ K03

    From $678.00
  • Turbocharger, AAZ K03 Hybrid

    From $898.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT15 BorgWarner

    From $698.00
  • Turbocharger, ALH VNT17 BorgWarner

    From $898.00
  • Turbocharger, BEW KP39

    From $975.00
  • Turbocharger, BRM BV39

    From $888.89
  • Turbocharger, CBEA CJAA CR140

    From $798.00
  • Sale!

    Turbocharger, CBEA CJAA CR170

    From $1,098.00 From $998.00
  • Turbocharger, K03 Sport 1.8T Longitudinal

  • Turbocharger, K03S 1.8T Transverse

  • VW TDI VNT BV43 Turbocharger, 1Z AHU BHW