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Borsehung GmbH is a professional supplier of spare parts for European vehicles with a focus on Volkswagen Group. All products manufactured and sold under the brand of Borsehung are pure OE products, currently servicing the professional wholesalers around the globe. Since its inception, Borsehung has been dedicated to the creation of value to its global partners with the diversifying and advantageous OE product lines and profitable prices. Although the products of Borsehung are based on OE products when supplied, we never take the quality lightly. Thanks to a large investment in product inspection and the management and control of the entire supply chain, Borsehung is proud to offer four-year quality assurance to its customers.

  • A/C Relay 384, B5 B5.5 Passat

  • Huydraulic Lifter & Rocker kit, 2.0T FSI

  • Vacuum Pump, Audi 3.2L V6

  • Vacuum Pump, Mk5 Mk6 2.5L

  • Ignition Coil, 2.0T & 2.5L (OEM)

  • Oil Pump Replacement Kit, 2.0T TSI CBFA CCTA (Aftermarket)

  • Timing Chain & Sprocket Kit, 2.0T TSI Uber (OEM)

  • Timing Chain Kit, 1.8T & 2.0T TSI Deluxe (OEM)

  • Timing Chain Kit, 2.0T FSI

  • Vacuum Pump, 2.0T FSI (Borsehung)

  • PD Camshaft Kit, BEW BRM BHW (OEM)

  • Clutch Master Cylinder, Mk4

  • Clutch Slave Cylinder, Mk4 5 Speed 02J (OEM)

  • Fan Control Module, Mk4 Late (OEM)

  • Shock Mount, Mk4

  • Steering Rack, Mk4 (OEM)

  • Sway Bar End Link, Mk4 Late (OEM)

  • Tandem Fuel Vacuum Pump, PD Borsehung

  • Timing Chain Kit, VR6 24V 2.8L 3.2L Standard

  • Vacuum Pump, Mk4 ALH Borsehung