Throwout Bearing, 02A 02J


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OEM throwout bearing, also known as a release bearing, for 5 speed manual transmissions. Made by SACHS.

Fits the Following:
2000-2002 Audi TT 5-Speed
1998-2014 VW New Beetle 5-Speed
1990-1995 VW Corrado
1992-1997 VW Eurovan
1995-1999 VW GTI VR6
1999.5-2013 VW Golf 5-Speed
1994-1999 VW Jetta VR6
1999.5-2013 Jetta 5-Speed
1990-1997 VW Passat
2012-2013 VW Passat 5-Speed
2006-2009 VW Rabbit
1992-1993 VW Transporter

Note on Usage: This part should be replaced whenever work is done on the clutch.


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