Tunezilla Tune, CBEA CJAA

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Tunezilla (previously Malone Tuning) tune for all VW TDIs with CBEA or CJAA Engine codes.

*Listed gains for horsepower and torque are approximate, and results vary from vehicle to vehicle. Various upgrades may also affect results.

The tuning is fairly simple, but does require a loader. We offer these both for purchase or rental. Purchased loaders ship immediately, while rental loaders are shipped according to availability and purchase order.

STAGE 0.5 (+18 horsepower and +0 torque)*

STAGE 1 (+20 horsepower and +62 torque)*

STAGE 2 (+30 horsepower and +70 torque)*

STAGE 3 (+50 horsepower and +85 torque)*
Required Upgrades
– Clutch
– Turbocharger (CR170)
– VCDS Logging


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

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