EGR Race Pipe Kit, M57 335d X5 35d (Billet)

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Eliminates Carbon Build Up 100% – EGR Race Pipe for BMW 335d and X5 35d

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*Tuning Required, Not Included*

Installation Instructions Benefits:
Increases airflow Deletes EGR cooler Reduces lag Increases throttle response
Eliminates hiccups in power
Fewer parts to break that can cause CELs
Retains the ASV for smooth shutdowns and emergency cut-off of the airflow in case of a runaway

100% Bolt-on Billet aluminum machined in the USA
Includes Stainless steel block off plate for the turbo manifold
Includes EGR gasket for the manifold
Optional bung for a boost gauge tap or water/methanol injection

2009-2011 BMW 335d
2009-2013 BMW X5 35d
*North American spec. diesel cars only.

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